Lifestream B-Complex Natural 90 Capsules

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  • Are you feeling stressed mentally and physically? Or maybe fatigued and tired? Vitamin B is an essential vitamin that supports energy production and mental focus. If you have a poor diet, you'll often find yourself with low levels of Vitamin B too. And if you're a woman needing extra pre-menstrual support, this vitamin is the bomb! Packed in 100% Sugarcane Plastic packaging - kerbside recyclable.

  • Active Ingredients per serve: (2g) Organically grown Quinoa sprout powder (Chenopodium quinoa) 2g Equiv: Vitamin B1 1.1mg Equiv: Vitamin B2 1.4mg Equiv: Vitamin B3 16.0mg Equiv: Vitamin B5 6.0mg Equiv: Vitamin B6 1.4mg Equiv: Folate 200mcg Equiv: Vitamin B12 2.5mcg Equiv: Biotin 50.0mcg

    Active Ingridents per capsule: Organically grown Quinoa sprout powder (Chenopodium quinoa) 500mg Equiv: Vitamin B1 0.28mg Equiv: Vitamin B2 0.35mg Equiv: Vitamin B3 4.0mg Equiv: Vitamin B5 1.5mg Equiv: Vitamin B6 0.35mg Equiv: Folate 50mcg Equiv: Vitamin B12 0.63mcg Equiv: Biotin 12.5mcg. Also contains hypromellose (capsule shell).

    No added dairy, soy, gluten or wheat