Down To Earth Green Gram Papadum Masala

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  • At Down To Earth, they have researched age old recipes that will remind you of the perfect homemade papadum with the taste and the zing that you know and love. A papadum is a thin Indian wafer described as a cracker or flat bread, circular in shape. It is served as an accompaniment with an Indian meal or eaten as an appetiser or a snack and can be eaten with toppings. The masala papadum have added spice to enhance the flavour and make them even more delicious.

    These organic Papadum are made by using high quality moong (green gram dal). The aroma and flavour of these papadum are pleasing and make them ideal for serving in festive parties. 

  • Gram flour (34.4%)*, Black Gram flour*, Salt, Edible Vegetable Oil*, Spices-4.52% (Black pepper*, Cumin*, Caraway* & Asafoetida*)