Misty Day Aetheria Mellow Out

Misty Day
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  • Mellow out is a calm tranquil cove when you feel carried away in the swell of life's unpredictable seas. A moment to breathe deeply when you feel like all the air is gone in a rush of too big feelings. A warm enveloping cocoon in a cold and worrisome world.

    • 300mg reishi (Ganoderma lucidem)*

    • 300mg lemon balm (Melissa officinalis)*

    • 200mg rose (Rosa centifolia)*

    • 100mg kava (Piper methysticum)*

    • 50mg passionflower (Passiflora incarnata)*

    • 50mg vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) *

      *Organic or Wildcrafted Ingredients

      ** Lemon Balm grown by me in my little garden

    • *** Kava is Kelai Kava with a calming but upliftiing vibe

    • Non actives in this tincture are grain alcohol, non palm glycerine and distilled water

    • Contains ~25% alcohol

    • Not for use during pregnancy or lactation or by children



    Take 5 ml once daily poured into a measuring spoon, directly in your mouth, in water or in juice or smoothies. Can be taken up to three times daily.

    A dropper filled is approximately 0.5ml

    If you are sensitive or perhaps just want to use Mellow Out to commune with the spirit of the plants then by all means just use by the drop when you feel the need.