Nature Body Cold Sore Balm

Nature Body
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  • With a delicious scent of lemonbalm, this soothing balm comes in a compostable cardboard push-up tube.

    Cold sores can develop due to a lowered immune system, stress or illness, or heavy sunburn on lips. You can tell when they start because of the tingly sensation. If cold sores are treated at this stage, it is possible to keep them from erupting. Once developed, these natural ingredients can help ease the pain as well as shorten the duration

  • beeswax, flaxseed oil, kawakawa oil, organic calendula oil, organic cocoa butter, st. john's wort oil, comfrey root extract, plantain oil, organic tulsi oil, colloidal silver, lanolin, manuka honey, raspberry seed oil, licorice root extract, essential oils: lemon (melissa) balm, hyssop, lavender, tea tree