Nature Body Toothpaste Charcoal

Nature Body
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  • This toothpaste has a creamy consistency with a refreshing minty flavour. Plus it helps to keep gums healthy and whitens teeth at the same time. Free from glycerin (which can stop your teeth from remineralising).

    Contrary to it's bright yellow colour, organic turmeric is an ancient tooth-whitener and is incredibly good for gums. It is highly recommended for it's anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have evaluated the effectiveness of turmeric in controlling gingival inflammation & found it beneficial for the use of effectively treating gingivitis and reducing inflammation.

  • Organic turmeric powder, activated charcoal (from coconut) organic extra virgin raw coconut oil, organic bentonite clay, organic sodium bicarbonate, organic himalayan sea salt, organic kawakawa oil, distilled water, organic peppermint essential oil, menthol crystals, totarol (from totara wood).