The Revive Cafe Cookbook 8

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  • This book has a feature breakfast section with 23 amazing breakfast recipes. It also includes 3 of Revive's most popular muesli recipes (Maple & Quinoa & Millet Crunch, Crunch Pecan & Cranberry Toasted Muesli, Dark Forest Muesli), plus some creative vegan substitutes like fake fried eggs and pretend bacon strips, orange marmalade, waffles and some other innovative breakfast dishes (savoury and sweet).

    For vegan fish lovers there is a Salmon-like Fish Pie and Battered Snapper with Tartare Sauce. Revive also features some amazing salads and meals. You have to try the Red Pepper Tofu Stroganoff!

    And of course each recipe has a full page colour photo and simple ingredients with easy to follow instructions.

    6 delicious sections: Salads, Hotpots & Stir Fries, Main Meals, Sides & Flavour Boosters, Breakfasts and Sweet Things.

    Revive’s delicious vegan food contains whole grains, plant-based protein, fresh produce and virtually no processed sugars or flours. All recipes in this book are dairy and egg free and most are gluten free.

  • Revive Cafes were set up by Jeremy & Verity Dixon in 2005 in Auckland to give people really healthy food.
    All recipes in the cook books and cafe are:

    - Amazingly delicious and colourful - you will not believe you are eating healthy food!
    - Super easy using Jeremy's no fuss method of cooking: Fast, using simple and mostly inexpensive easy-to-find ingredients.
    - Do not use processed or cane sugar but use natural sources like dates & maple syrup.
    - Do not use processed flours like white flour.
    - Over 95% of recipes in the cafe and cookbooks are gluten free. They use grains like quinoa, millet, buckwheat and brown rice.
    - All recipes are vegan (exceptions: there are a couple of recipes in cookbooks 1 & 2 that contain eggs/feta cheese before we became completely vegan)