Roar Organic Coconut Milk

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  • ROAR Coconut Milk, from the idyllic island nation of Sri Lanka, is such a totally tempting product you’re bound to end up slurping it straight from the can.

    ROAR Coconut Milk is made from 100% organic coconut flesh, which is extracted and pressed using only water. It contains no fillers or preservatives and is BPA-free. It also has no emulsifiers, meaning the solids will separate in the cold for an extra creamy layer on top.

    Perfect for adding richness to curries, smoothies, puddings and much, much more. Shake or stir thoroughly before use for the perfect coconut milk moustache.

  • Ingredients
    Coconut flesh*, purefied water
    *certified organic

    Extra information:
    Coconut milk is a versatile ingredients that can be used in smoothies, soups, curries and all manner of breakfasts and desserts. It can also be used as a milk replacement for a vegan or dairy free diet.

    Coconut milk has all of the many health benefits as most coconut based products. It is a rich source of medium chain fatty acids (most notably Lauric acid).

    ROAR coconut milk is also packed into BPA free cans (BPA is a known hormone disruptor) for added piece of mind. There are also no emulsifiers or preservatives meaning it is made out of coconut plus purified water to extract the milk. This give it a really delicious taste and texture – with no soapy aftertaste.

    Due to the lack of emulsifiers the coconut milk needs to be shaken before use and may need stirring when it is stored below 20°C.