Sonett Tablets for Dishwashers

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  • Description
  • Ingredients
  • Free from chlorine, phosphates, enzymes and aromas, completely biodegradable

    • For household dishwashers
    • For dishwashers with ion-exchanger only
    • Not to be used for silverware, lead crystal glass and hand-painted chinaware
  • The main active ingredients in Sonett’s Tablets for Dishwashers are sodium carbonate, silicates, and the plant-based active washing substance sorbitan sesquioctanoate. Silicates are obtained by fusing sand with sodium carbonate and, thanks to their alkalinity, are capable of modifying grease on dishes by saponification, thus making it water-soluble. These silicates make stuck-on food leftovers swell, thus loosening them. Sodium carbonate, manufactured from common salt and lime, disperses the grease into fine droplets, thus supporting the fat-dissolving property of the silicates. Sorbitan sesquioctanoate, obtained from maize and wheat starch and a fat fraction of coconut oil, reduces the surface tension of the water, resulting in the dirt being wetted more easily by the water.

    In addition, the tablets contain bleaching oxygen (sodium percarbonate). During the washing cycle, sodium percarbonate releases oxygen, in addition to water and sodium carbonate. The oxygen thus released serves to remove tea and coffee residues from glasses and cups. Sodium percarbonate is a molecular complex obtained by hydrogen peroxide adsorbing on to sodium carbonate. Citrate, obtained by fermenting sugar-containing by-products such as molasses, is added to the dishwasher liquid to bind lime in the dishwashing water and to protect the machine from deposits. Due to the fact that, despite built-in ion exchangers (water-softener devices) many dishwashers still feed too much calcareous water, the citrate is intensified by the lime-binding properties of sodium gluconate. Sodium gluconate is the sodium salt of gluconic acids naturally occurring in honey and fruits. A small portion of cellulose improves compressibility and solidity of the Sonett Tablets.

    25 tablets