Two Islands Milk Maker 60 Capsules

Two Islands
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  • Two Islands Milk Maker naturally supports optimal breast milk production during lactation. Specially formulated by a naturopath and herbalist with high strength Fenugreek, plus Goat’s Rue and Fennel which are well-known for their galactagogue properties. Milk Maker works quickly and effectively to support healthy breast milk volume and flow.

    This unique combination of herbs along with added Shatavari supports the body’s natural response to stress while soothing the digestion of both mum and baby. All in a convenient and easy to take capsule so you can get the herbal support you need at home or on the go. It’s the ultimate milk maker!

  • Fenugreek seed, Goat's Rue Plant, Shatavari root, Fennel seed.

    60 capsules