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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's day is on the horizon community (Sunday 3rd September), and we have got you sorted! We’ve asked around our team for their top picks and favourite gift recommendations for good ole’ Dad.  

Libby - I would gift my dad a big box of Clipper Organic English Breakfast tea! Dad enjoys a good brew after a tough day out on the farm but is very pedantic with how it’s made (the milk/tea/hot water ratio has to be spot on!) The Clipper English Breakfast tea is up there with one of the best, so hopefully the extra goodness of the tea forgives my sub-par tea making skills! 

Lisa Hutton - My choice is a pie! What man can resist a pie? There are loads of delicious choices in-store filled with healthy and hearty ingredients and flavours. Did we mention they’re gluten free as-well!  

Lisa - I will be helping my one year old with his Father's Day shopping this year. We have chosen the Mother-made AM Blend and some Incafe Java organic coffee to help him seize the day this Father’s Day - no sleep ins around here! 

Josie - Last year I purchased my father the stainless-steel lunch box container in the hopes he would use it for some lunch time swagger, however he ended up using it to sort and store old screws (I mean honestly). This year I'm giving up on the stylish and going purely practical and just a little bit (indulgent) with the Chantal Epsom Bath Salts. We are currently building a tiny house together and as he is constantly reminding me, isn't as young as he used to be, these salts and a nice hot soak should see him right and put an end to the complaints. 😉  


Eve - My top pick for Father’s Day would be a big bag of Crunchy Golden Roasted Macadamias from the local legends at Mac Snack. A favourite childhood memory of mine was cracking fresh maccas with dad while making an absolute mess with shells flying everywhere! An absolute cracker of a gift that any dad would go nuts over. 😀

Lee - My pick is The Hemp Connect Hemp Capsules. Perfect for the tradies, hemp oil is great for relieving joint pain and increasing mobility. 

Helen – I’d have to pick the BBQ spatula, a quality locally made product that will last for many memorable bbqs into the future. This personifies the typical kiwi bloke. You can find these beauties in-store. 

Hallie – In the hopes that he will share some with me, I'm getting my dad the Wellington Chocolate Factory drinking chocolate and a bar of their yummy coconut milk chocolate.