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Meet the team - Libby
What is your role at Down To Earth Organics?

I am lucky enough to be working away at our shiny new website - photographing, editing and uploading new products and processing online orders as well as taking creative photos for social media, merchandising and serving customers in store.

Can you tell us about how you incorporate wellness into your daily or weekly routine?

For me, moving my body everyday is so vital, not only for my physical health but mental health as well. I have recently joined a new gym and am loving how it makes me feel! I also make sure I take time to rest in the evenings and get a full 8 hours sleep every night.

What are your top 3 supplements you wouldn’t go without?

1. Kefir Co probiotic shots - I must say I was skeptical to try this but after hearing Deb recommend this to just about every customer I took the leap. I can’t rate it highly enough and saw so many improvements in a short amount of time - skin, mood, energy, immunity, the list goes on!

2. Fish Oil - This has also been a game changer for me. Since taking it I have found it’s helped with brain function and energy (those 3pm slumps are a thing of the past!) and my skin has improved.

3. BePure Magnesium - I’ve been taking this magnesium for years and find it really helps me wind down and relax into a deep and restful sleep. Also super helpful to take a good magnesium to help with sore muscles post gym!

What’s one thing you have changed in the last 12 months to live more sustainability?

Refills! Utilizing our Eco Store refill system for my Shampoo, Conditioner and Hand and Body Wash as well as all of our herbs and spices. Not only is it more sustainable, it's a super fun ritual and you can pick up some really cool refill bottles to match your decor!

Biggest guilty pleasure?

Where do I start?!

I can’t resist a sweet treat in the evenings (anything that involves chocolate doesn’t last long in our household)

Reality TV shows - MAFS Australia, Love Island and Beauty and the Geek are on rotation on our screens at the moment (yes I am embarrassed to admit this)

What do you like to do in your down time?

Aside from trash TV, my partner Chris and I who live on a Dairy farm in Inglewood love to get outside and potter away around the property and down the farm. Our three fur babies Alfie, Jim and Mac follow us everywhere we go and if they’re lucky we take them for walks down to the river at the back of the farm, although Alfie hasn’t yet learned to swim so sticks to quick dips in the water troughs.

What is your favourite product instore at the moment?

I’m loving the Inika makeup range. I’ve always been a lazy makeup wearer and opt for quick and easy to use products. The Brow Perfector was my first purchase from the range and I love how it’s just a couple of swipes of each eyebrow and you’re ready for the day!

Tell us about your side hustle?

When I’m not at Down to Earth I am working away behind the scenes on my textile brand Libbykate. My passion is creating unique patterns inspired by nature, particularly ditsy florals in fun and vibrant colours. From my home studio, I hand draw as well as digitally develop patterns which are then translated onto natural fabrics and created into small homewares and accessories - tea towels, cushions, wheat bags and fabric by the metre. Creativity has always run in my family and I always dreamed of ending up with my own creative studio and here I am!

Best part of working at DTE?

Definitely my amazing work mates! Going to work each day is such a joy and being surrounded by such knowledgeable and supportive people has been so beneficial! Oh….and of course all of the delicious treats to choose from! They’re healthy if they’re organic right?!