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Team Christmas Traditions

There are some true Christmas lovers here at Down to Earth Organics, so in the hopes of being inspired we asked some of the staff about their favourite Christmas tradition or activity. 

Have a giggle, read and maybe even be inspired by the following Christmas traditions:

Lisa H - Animal Photos! Last year we took photos of all the farm animals wearing Santa hats. We also created a homemade nativity scene with things around the house, baby Jesus was played by my husband's old toy doll, we even roped the dogs into it.

Josie - Collecting Christmas decorations. When I was a child, I used to make handmade Christmas decorations each year and demand my mother hung them on the tree, now I buy one expensive and beautiful one each Christmas to make up for the dozens of sad glued pasta ones! Now I think about it I should probably buy them for my mother.

Hallie - We always bake and decorate ginger biscuits for Christmas, but it’s not your average feel good ho-hum activity. It’s a serious event, everything from the shape of the biscuits to the icing. 

Melissa - Christmas Lights. I’m all about the lights, as long as I have one set of beautiful Christmas lights then I’m happy.

Lee – My family loves to cook! For the last three years we have signed up for the Christmas version of my food bag and then divvied out the meals and recipes, last year my dad got given the responsibility of the Pavlova, I mean it’s hard to muck up a pav but......regardless he was chuffed with the result.  

We also have a big family swim at the beach every year.  

Libby - Last year I made Christmas stocking for the family including the pets.  

Whatever the tradition, we hope your Christmas is filled with joyful, memorable  ones!