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Tell us about your business Planta Mate, how did it come about? 

We got introduced to Mate while travelling. We enjoyed it hot while surf tripping in South Africa and cold and bubbly on nights out in Berlin. When back in New Zealand, we brewed our own, cooled and flavoured it with whatever we had on hand.

What is Yerba Mate, where is it grown and how is it pronounced? 

YM is a magical leaf grown is select regions of South America. The plant itself is unrelated to that from which green and black tea are produced. Ilex paraguariensis is actually a relative of the Holly bush and only grows in very specific climactic conditions. It is pronounced YER-bah MAH-tay!

If you could describe the brand in one word, what would it be? 


From the ‘about’ section of your website we get the impression that you are both dreamers, How do you keep that desire for adventure and the extraordinary alive while having to navigate a business and family?

It kinda goes hand in hand, we chose businesses that allow us this freedom. It’s not always easy and there’s times you wish you had a normal job where you can switch off at the end of the day, but the grass is always greener on the other side. Change has been a constant in our life and we are anticipating to continue like that to keep things interesting.   

What other ingredients are in your drinks and what are the health benefits? 

Asides from the inbuilt health benefits of Yerba Mate, we have kept our ingredients simple. Filtered sparkling water, apple juice concentrate, Yerba Mate extract and natural extracts and flavours.

Tell us about Holy Guac? Was this ride or die Mexican food street wagon a dream from the start? 

We started Holy Guacamole on the back of eating a succession of dull and uninspiring burritos in various locations. We already lived by the beach but nobody was serving food, and we thought maybe we should!  I mean who doesn’t fantasise about a kick ass burrito with their sunset cerveza. It was also to sustain the lifestyle we were living. Being able to escape NZ winters, visiting family in Europe and being able to catch the best of both worlds.

What does wellness mean to you Cathi?

Wellness means to make time to look after my body and mind, be it a yoga session, a dip in the ocean or a night out dancing. Whatever makes the endorphins flow. 

What does wellness mean to you Issac?  

Having things to look forward to, good food to eat and options a plenty.  

Talk us through the Palm Tree, Cheeta, Snack design on your cans?

The Mayans and Aztecs already used the jaguar in a lot of their ancient art and given that Yerba Mate is this magical plant from South America, I wanted to reflect some authenticity as well as the exotic in the design.

What’s next for Planta Mate? Anything exciting in the pipeline?

We are currently in the process of partnering up with a big non alcoholic beverage manufacturer. Their production and distribution skills are second to none and they have synergetic goals where our success will also be their success.