Absolute Essential Lemon

Absolute Essential
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  • Refreshing and energising plant extraction that supports circulation and immune function. From reviving tired feet to repelling summer flies - a classic essential.

    Suggested Use:

    Immune system
    Have 5-10 drops diffusing continuously in the home or at the office.

    Feet treat
    Add 5 drops of Lemon oil and 1/2 cup of Epsom salts to a foot bath. Repeat as required.

    Mix 50 drops of Lemon oil with 10mls of Sweet Almond oil and apply to the affected area daily.

    Ant and fly repellent
    Add 3-5 drops to a dishcloth and wipe down surfaces. Alternatively, drop some oil in the ants path to discourage their progress. Repeat as required.

  • 100% pure Citrus limonum, cold pressed rind, Argentina