Absolute Essential Rose 3% in Jojoba

Absolute Essential
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  • This gentle and comforting blend is a luxurious skin tonic. When used as a perfume, it supports a balanced mood and enhances mental harmony. Ready to use on skin.

    Suggested use:

    Skincare - mature, sensitive
    Gently massage 10 drops in to face after cleansing.

    Eye care - eliminate dark circles
    Dab 3-5 drops gently to the area under the eyes before sleep.

    Dab 1-2 drops onto the neck and pulse points as often as desired.

    Add 2-3 drops to pulse points, repeat as often as required.

    Grief and loss
    Apply a few drops to the heart area every two hours. Repeat as often as desired.

  • Jojoba Oil*, Rose Maroc (*Certified organic)