Aqua-Biome Omega-3 Maximum Strength

Aqua Biome
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  • Aqua Biome Omega 3 Maximum Strength provides maximum strength in a capsule, and is the most potent from the Aqua Biome lineup, the world's first omega blend designed for a healthy microbiome.

    Created for the whole body, this perfect blend of DHA, EPA and DPA omega-3s uses the latest science and technology to bring the best benefits of fish oil with none of the usual contaminants. Created via sustainable methods, every bottle also contributes toward saving our ocean's coral reefs. Build diversity in your microbiome for overall health benefits.

    Gut microbiome is the collection of trillions of microbes living within the GI tract, many of which are beneficial. Improving the health of those good microbes, can in turn improve health. Diversity is a key factor associated with a healthy intestinal microbiome. Each good microbial species and strain has its own unique set of benefits, plus they keep negative microbes in check—so the more types of beneficial bacteria the gut has, the more positive effects on the body gets. So, everyone looking to improve the health of their microbiome should look for ways to improve its diversity.

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