Caliwoods Bamboo Hair Brush

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  • CaliWoods Bamboo Hairbrush is a plastic-free and luxe addition to your bathroom routine. Crafted using natural materials, bamboo is used for the bristles and the handle, while natural rubber is used for the cushioning. These sleek and comfy brushes look and feel fantastic while taming your locks.

    Caliwoods are so focused on investing in the best hair products that they forget that the hairbrush we use is one of the most essential contributors to healthy-looking hair. Your new bestie in hair care has arrived. We all want less frizzy, split-end-free hair that looks healthy, and using a brush with gentle bristles that can massage the scalp and stimulate blood flow is the way forward. Because their bamboo brush is made entirely of natural rubber and sustainable bamboo, the bristles condition and distribute your hair's natural oils. The bristles are mild on the hair, resulting in less frizz and split ends.

    Bamboo as a material absorbs twice as much carbon dioxide as other plants and trees and produces up to 30% more oxygen. It also has the ability to recover after harvesting and is pest-resistant, making it a perfect alternative to plastic hairbrushes.

  • Made with 100% bamboo + natural rubber.

    1 x Bamboo hair brush