Caliwoods Reusable Baking Mat Green

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  • These Reusable Food-Grade Silicone Baking Mats are luxe yet practical addition to your kitchen. Use the Baking Mats every day as you would disposable baking paper - think of covering an oven tray to bake cookies or spread your oil-tossed veges, so they are ready for roasting. The Baking Mats are easy to use, easy to clean and come in three different colours for you to choose from. No more awkwardly cleaning big oven trays in the sink!

    Each pack has two Reusable Baking Mats in a different colour. They are rectangular to fit a standard baking tray, dishwasher safe, and the Baking Mats can also be used in the freezer. Chocolate-dipped strawberries, anyone? Use them to reduce kitchen waste - each Baking Mat can keep over 350 sheets of disposable baking paper out of landfills.

  • 2x Reusable Silicone Baking Mats in each pack

    Made from certified food-grade silicone (BPA-free)

    Durable and flexible material Measurements: 30cm x 39.5cm

    Oven use up to 230 degrees C

    Dishwasher and freezer safe

    To avoid staining, please clean your Baking Mat thoroughly between each use with warm, soapy water.