Caliwoods Knitted Cloths

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  • These cloths are luxuriously soft and will last you a really long time. Hello money saver! Each cloth is made with thick cotton yarn, and is made by a small scale family business in Bali, Indonesia. This is your eco-friendly alternative for microfiber cloths that go to waterways during the washing process. Durable, made to last, and low-maintenance.

    Use the Knitted Cotton Cloths for washing dishes and cleaning surfaces including kitchen benches, wood, stainless steel, granite and even glass. Caliwoods knitted cloths can also be used on kitchen appliances. If you want to dedicate your cotton cloths solely to your body and bathroom use, they are super soft on your skin.

  • 3 x Knitted Cotton Cloths

    Pack of 3 (beige, light grey and dark grey)