Chief Beef Brisket Bar Traditional

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  • A clean, meaty snack to satisfy your savoury cravings. Each bar starts off as 80g of organic grass-fed beef brisket and topside, Chief just take out the water weight. They slow dry the bars to create a tender and easy to eat snack that's packed full of flavour and nutrients.

    • Organic Grass-fed Grass Finished Aussie beef
    • 18g nature's original Protein
    • Low Carb, just 4.6g per bar
    • No added Sugar, just 1g per bar
    • Good source of Heme Iron (12% RDI)
    • Good source of Vitamin B12 (51% RDI)
    • No nasty Preservatives (no added Nitrates or Nitrites)
    • Gluten and Dairy Free
    • They taste like a delicious roast!
  • Organic Grass-fed Beef (80%), amaranth flour (a gluten-free, protein-rich flour widely used by the Aztec and Inca civilizations), cranberries, coconut aminos, vinegar, salt, spices (paprika, cumin, onion powder, garlic powder, pepper, nut meg), lactic acid.

    Made in Australia from at least 80% Australian ingredients