Forage Nut Mylk Bags 2 Standard

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  • Description
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  • These bags are the right size for straining almond milk made from 1 cup of soaked almonds to 2 – 2 1/2  cups of water.

    Sprouting with the bags has the following benefits

    • Takes up less space – you can just hang the bags off hooks or taps over a sink etc
    • Reduces mould and fungal issues due to the freer draining of the bags and the circulation around them.
    • Easy to rinse either straight under the tap or by dunking in a bowl of water and hanging straight back up again.
    • Easy to wash, sterilize and generally keep clean.
    • Storage is simple when bags are not in use and they take up minimal room.
    • The bags have multiple uses including being able to be used for making and hanging seed cheeses in.
  • 2 standard bags