Good Change Kitchen Cleaner Refill Tablets

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  • Replenish your Good Change Bottle For Good™ Spray Range with these handy Kitchen Cleaning Tablets with NZ Kanuka and plant powered essential oils.

    Conventional cleaning sprays contain 90% water simply to add perceived value. 
    Good Change have worked with leading scientists to take the 10% concentrate and turn this into an easy-to-use Refill Tablet.

    These tablets are scientifically formulated for powerful, plant-based cleaning.

    100% natural, made with essential oils and New Zealand botanicals in their purest form. These refill tablets contain everything you need at the highest quality, and nothing you don't.

    To purchase the Kitchen Cleaner bottle click here.

    • Citric Acid (Occurs naturally in citrus)
    • Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)
    • Silicone Dioxide (two of the most abundant elements in the earths crust)
    • Sodium Coco Sulfate (derived from coconut fatty acids – dissolves dirt & grease)
    • Mag Stereate + L-Leusine (Natural lubricants)
    • Maltodextrine (Made from Corn, Rice, Potato starch, or wheat)
    • A citrus scent including Sweet Orange, Lemon, Blood Orange, Lime and Petitgrain with additional Kanuka

    Here’s how to prepare your cleaner:

    1. Open the tablet sachet
    2. Drop the tablet in the bottle
    3. Add warm water
    4. Leave the spray top off the bottle for 10 minutes while the tablet dissolves.

      Contains 3 refill tablets.