Green Goddess Laundry Powder Citrus

Green Goddess
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  • This highly concentrated formula gives you 66 washes from the 1kg bag. One tablespoon per average sized load.

    Green Goddess natural laundry powder is great for sensitive skin - it is free from synthetics, optic brighteners, artificial surfactants and fragrances, phosphates and plant derived substances. It only contains active natural ingredients, no fillers.

  • 100% natural – made from nothing but coconut castile, premium soda ash, premium baking soda, pure essential oils.

    For hand washing dissolve one tablespoon natural laundry powder in 5 Litres warm water, soak for an hour and wash.

    Add 1 Tablespoon Green Goddess Premium Oxy-Bleach to white loads if required.

    Use Green Goddess Natural-San soaker for heavily soiled items.

    Safe for sensitive skin (choose unscented if super sensitive).  Vegan and cruelty free.  Made in NZ.

    • No chemical residue left behind in clothes
    • Can be used in cold water and front loaders
    • No white residue on black clothes
    • Septic and grey water safe

    Comes in an Earth Bag which made from brown recycled paper with a corn-based 100% natural biofilm coating that is a renewable resource, and most importantly is home compostable, remove labels and tin tie, rip up the bag, add a little water and place into compost.