Little Bird Drinking Chocolate Decadent Chocolate Chunk

Little Bird
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  • Inspired by Little Bird's wildly popular organic drinking chocolates served in their award-winning café Little Bird Kitchen, this decadent drinking chocolate mix is truly something special. They have tweaked the recipes to make preparation at home super simple - just add a mix of hot water and your choice of milk to get a wonderfully smooth and satisfying hot chocolate experience, complete with real chocolate chunks!

    This Decadent Drinking Chocolate is a delicious blend of dark chocolate and natural sweetness made with raw organic Peruvian cacao, coconut sugar, real premium vanilla mixed with real organic chocolate chunks to give you a luxurious drinking chocolate experience (hot or cold) that’s perfectly balanced in flavour, it might be your new daily habit that’s good for you.

  • Cacao Powder*, Cacao Solids*, Coconut Sugar*, Vanilla Bean*, Salt*
    *Certified Organic Ingredients 

    May Contain: Traces of Tree Nuts, Soy and Sesame