MagicT Persian Garden Tea

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  • This tea will make you feel like you're walking in a Persian garden.

    You must taste this blend to take you to paradise on earth. Originally the Persian garden's purpose was, and still is, to provide a place to relax in a variety of manners both spiritually and emotionally.

    Throw away your notion of what you think a fruit tea should be because this is so much more than a playful fruit tea. It has the natural sweetness of a traditional tisane, but the flavour leans towards the aroma of fresh rose petals. Brew it a little longer, so the delicate taste and aroma come through and whisk you off to faraway lands.

    Magic T blend each pack with love from their wide selection of natural ingredients—a sweet, floral and alive blend to relish with a moment of glory.

  • Apple, Quince, Orange Blossom, Rose petals, Cardamom