Nature Body Magnesium Body Mousse Lavender

Nature Body
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  • This body mousse rubs in beautifully and is an easy way to get your regular magnesium without the stinging that you can experience with magnesium oil, plus it leaves your skin soft!

    Magnesium is vital:
    • Used in 300 reactions in the body
    • Important for bone health
    • Helps keep blood pressure normal
    • Promotes restful sleep
    • Good for muscle strength
    • Needed for vitamin D assimilation
    • Aids in weight loss
    • Helpful for pregnancy (the need for magnesium increases during pregnancy!)

  • Magnesium chloride oil, organic raw coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic aloe vera gel, olive wax, arnica oil, horopito and comfrey extracts, natural preservative (benzoin based), lavender essential oil