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  • The chocolatey caramelly vanilla base is a blend of free trade organic cacao and maca ( from our friends at Seleno Health) and vanilla . Cacao is a bit of a blessing in and of itself in the morning, a nourishing enveloping, magnesium rich yum. It’s no great wonder that cacao used to be more prized than gold. When blended with feel good nourishing tonic herb and adaptogenic  maca, it becomes an all encompassing whole body tonic. But thats not it my friends. The calming adaptogens - ashwagandha, holy basil and reishi -these herbs are adaptogens meaning that they act like trainers for the stress system. They help the stress system to recover and come back to your baseline calm more quickly.  These particular three also have a calming action for the mind and spirit, with reishi and ashwagandha being perfect for those that end up tossing and turning with zombie apocalypse dreams all night as they have a slight sedative action. As many of us are now either going back to work , trying to muster up self control to work from home or slipping into the teacher role, ýou might need some help to recall all that long division and to focus more on the workload and less on whats in the fridge.  Thats where lions mane comes in. The brain-boosting mushroom, is helpful for  keeping the focus on the stuff you should be focussing on while also keeping the mood a bit more on the positive and calmer side. It also has benefits for those of us that tend towards an upset stomach when times get tough. Cordyceps is a rejuvenating adaptogen, perfect for people whose immunity is declining with age. It was also traditionally used as a lung tonic and has some pretty great studies to support this.  Chaga in addition has proven popular at this time, potentially as it is another immune modulator which can aid the immune system sentries to sense and attack foreign bodies. It also feeds gut flora which in turn help train the immune system babies!  This blend doesn’t need to be added to anything. It’s like the total adaptogenic hot chocolate blend. Just add 1 - 2 teaspoons to hot water or hot mylk ( plus sweetener if you like) for a nourishing, any time of the day drink. You could add it to smoothies too if you want to.  I cant see why kids of school age couldn’t have it as well!  Gives you about 15- 20  serves.

  • Cacao*, Maca*, Ashwagandha*, Reishi**, Lions Mane**,Cordyceps**, Chaga***, Holy Basil* Vanilla, Himalayan Salt

    *Organic ingredients

    Add two level teaspoons ( 5-6g) to a cup. Add in hot water or mylk and make a paste, then fill cup, stirring constantly. Add sweetener if required. Alternatively, it can be added to smoothies or baking.