Nature Body Natural Toner Kawakawa

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  • Made of pure organic hydrosol, witch hazel, and a tiny drop of special essential oil, these Natural Toners are one of Nature Body's best selling winners!

    Kawakawa is the pharmacy of the forest and well known for its healing and soothing properties. This toner is made from pure organic kawakawa hydrosol to help freshen and soothe the skin. The healing properties of kawakawa make this toner a winner for all skin types, including those prone to blemishes, spots, and scars. There's no better drink for the skin!

    Nature Body toners include witch hazel which is a natural astringent that not only refreshes, but can help control irritated skin and acne by reducing inflammation, and decreasing oil and redness. It's known to lessen bacteria growth on the skin while speeding up the healing of scars, spots, scabs, and infection.

  • Organic Kawakawa Hydrosol*, Witch Hazel, Essential Oil

    *A Hydrosol is the pure and natural water that is produced during the steam distillation of plant materials using the same distillation process that extracts the essential oils.