Norish Nurtidense Blueberry Beetroot & Blackcurrant Smoothie Booster

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  • A new and revised take on baby cereal. Take comfort in knowing that the Norish range has been developed with your baby's health in mind. Perfect for developing taste buds and parents peace of mind. Freeze-dried technology locks in all the nutrients in wholefoods, concentrating raw ingredients into a nutrient dense powder, that’s quick and easy to prepare.

    Add 2 teaspoons to your child's favourite smoothie or mix into yoghurt.

  • Marine Collagen, Organic Quinoa Powder, Coconut, Chia Seeds, Blueberry, Pepitas, Flaxseed, Hemp Seeds, Banana, NZ Grass-fed Beef Liver, Beetroot, Blackcurrant, Brazil Nuts, Camu Camu.