Olivado Avocado & Lemon Oil

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  • Olivado’s Extra Virgin Avocado with Lemon Zest is an exquisite culinary oil that embodies all the smooth and mild taste of ripe Hass avocado with the zest of fresh lemon.Cold-pressed at temperatures below 45°C, it is perfect as a natural salad dressing, goes great with seafood, and is ideal for high heat cooking up to 255°C. Great for pan frying or baking, it’s especially good with fish, but is also great on lamb, chicken and veggies.

    It combines all the health benefits of Olivado Extra Virgin Avocado Oil with the added benefits of the natural antioxidants of fresh lemons, and like all Olivado oils, our Avocado Lemon Zest is bottled in dark glass to further ensure long life.

  • Extra Virgin Avocado Oil (99%), Lemon Oil (1%).