Radico Organic Hair Colour Champagne Blonde

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  • Looking for a truly unique hair colour that can only be achieved with natural herbs? Look no further than this champagne blonde hair dye! Radico's formula is carefully crafted with a blend of natural herbs that create a one-of-a-kind colour that artificial dyes can't replicate.

    This stunning colour creates a beautiful layered look that mimics the appearance of professionally highlighted hair. Not only will you achieve a stunning, multi-dimensional hue, but you'll also be doing your hair a favor by avoiding chemicals that can cause damage and breakage.

  • Radico's hair colorants contain only natural, certified organic ingredients. Not 99%, or 99.9%, but 100% organic. Manufactured by using ayurvedic, natural and organic herbs, Colour Me Organic gently coats your hair for a vibrant, stable, and long-lasting color. It balances and nourishes the hair shaft to prevent breakage and over-drying, leaving hair shiny, thick, lustrous and naturally healthy.

    • Organic Colorless Henna Leaf Powder
    • Organic Henna Leaf Powder
    • Organic Manjistha Root Powder
    • Organic Amla Fruit Powder
    • Organic Bhringraj Leaf Powder
    • Organic Brahmi Leaf Powder
    • Organic Hibiscus Flower Powder

    100% Organic. Made in India.