Roar Activated Organic Nut Mix

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  • Nuts contain compounds that make them hard to digest. These compounds can also stop some nuts from releasing nutrients until they sprout.

    Luckily we can trick nuts into thinking they’re about to sprout, releasing more nutrients and making them taste fresh and sweet. Oh, and extra crunchy!

    This process is called ACTIVATING! ROAR activated nuts have been soaked, washed and dehydrated – below 47°C – making them extra digestible, delectable and oh so moreish. We hope you enjoy nature’s perfect little snack!

    Eat as a snack or in salads and desserts – including raw desserts. Make your own scroggin or eat with fresh fruit, muesli or porridge for breakfast. An ideal way to start your day.

  • Brazil nuts*, almonds*, hazelnuts*, pecans*, walnuts*
    *certified organic

    Extra information: The organic nuts are soaked in purified water until they begin to sprout and/or to wash away phytic acid. They are then dehydrated at low temperatures (below 47°C) until they are really crunchy.

    Nuts are an ideal snack, high in dietary fibre, which will leave you feeling satiated. High in unsaturated fats which are good for your skin, brain and heart. They are packed full of high quality protein and are many vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

    200 grams.