Seleno Health Amaru Ceremonial Cacao Paste

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  • This Ceremonial Criollo Cacao has been produced with love in honour of the Awajun Tribe in Peru who have used cacao in ceremony for over 5000 years. Their ceremonial cacao temple of Monte Grande was constructed in the shape of a spiral/snake to represent rebirth, union of the human spirit with the universe, connection to our ancestors if the past and projection forwards to our future descendants. In Andean and Amazonian cosmovision the spiral shape is connected with the snake which in quechua is called Amaru.

    Therapeutic profile: This cacao has been biochemically analysed and supports enhancing sensations of: Uplifting bliss, clarity, energy, vitality, joy and happiness.

    Best for: External work - movement, breath work, dance, energy, physical expression, exercise, heart opening effects.

  • 100% pure organic ceremonial cacao