Mountain Road Estate Smudge Wand Medium

Mountain Road Estate
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  • Organic Salvia Apiana (white sage) stalks with lavender flowers through the middle lovingly wrapped with ritual and intent. 

    This is a perfect clearing wand to have handy for those times you need to relax, de-clutter your mind and clear your space after a busy day, before and after guests or prepare for an important moment. 

    Clearing the home energetically feels just as important to us as cleaning physically. We require a clean floor to relax just as we require all the energies that have built up over the day to be cleared, when this happens we feel as though we have a clear mind and feel the happy soul inside of us shine.

    This reiki infused wand comes with instructions on how to use it.

  • White Sage, Lavender Flowers

    Approximately 17cm long