Sunhouse Chai Turmeric Masala Chai Vegan Blend

Sunhouse Chai
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  • Sunhouse Chai now offer Sunhouse Chai blended with organic coconut syrup. This option is vegan friendly and delicious.

    Simply add a heaped tablespoon of sticky chai mix to your brew pot & steep chai mix in 3/4 cup of hot water to release the flavours. Top up with hot or cold milk of your liking. Stir gently. Let flavours brew for 4 minutes, longer if fuller flavour desired. Pour through a strainer into your favourite cup.

    Sunhouse Chai brings a touch of warmth to your daily ritual and a dash of sunshine to your cup.

    Sunhouse Chai is also delicious on those hot summer days! Iced Chai brewing instructions are on the label.

    Brew, Sip and Enjoy x

  • Coconut Nectar (43%), Turmeric Granules (14%), Assam Tea Leaves (12%), Spices (31%), Ginger Root, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Fennel Seeds, Cloves, Peppercorns, Salt.