Treasured Morning High Protein Superfood Peach + Nectarine

Treasured Morning
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  • A sensational fusion of sweetness, smoothness, and the vibrant essence of summer. This blend combines the sweet, smooth flavours of the premium freeze-dried peaches and nectarines with the nutritional power of hemp powder and hemp hearts. Imagine biting into a juicy, sun-ripened peach and experiencing the tangy zest of a perfectly ripe nectarine. That's the kind of flavour explosion you can expect from this extraordinary combo.

    Loaded with vitamin C and brimming with the natural goodness of peaches and nectarines, this blend brings a burst of refreshing fruitiness to every bite. But it doesn't stop there! To add a touch of tropical bliss, Treasured Morning have infused it with the exotic notes of coconut. And let's not forget about the crunch of almonds and pecans, which rounds out the experience with a satisfying texture and nutty undertones.

  • Almonds, Chia Seeds, Hemp Powder, Hazelnuts, Hemp Hearts, Coconut Oil, Pecans, Coconut Chips, Dates, Freeze Dried Apple, Maple Syrup, Vanilla, Cinnamon.