Viberi Organic Blackcurrant Powder

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  • ViBERi Blackcurrant Powder is 100% Organic and contains only the pure goodness of New Zealand Blackcurrants.

    Make the most of the amazing health benefits blackcurrants can offer by incorporating ViBERi blackcurrant powder into your daily diet. 

    Blackcurrant powder is the perfect addition to smoothies, oats, chia puddings, muesli, yoghurt, frozen desserts and more.

    10gm of ViBERi powder = your daily recommended dose of Vitamin C. Easy!

    Blackcurrants contain exceptionally high levels of Vitamin C and antioxidants, among other beneficial nutrients that assist with health and wellbeing.

    • Restoring Normal Immune Function 
    • Optimum Mental Clarity 
    • Sports Recovery and Achieving Performance
    • Holistic Wellness 
    • Chronic Disease Prevention

  • 100% Certified Organic New Zealand Blackcurrant Powder