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A Naturopaths summer first aid kit

We know the value of being prepared and managing the unexpected so we sat down with one of our Naturopaths and asked them what they would pack when going on summer holiday.

Here is what Deb our in-house Naturopath packs in her first aid kit:

Arnica - for those little ones who love to climb. Arnica is great to have on hand for any initial bump or fall. It can be incredibly effective in reducing bruising.  

Ferr Phos - for any sudden fevers, inflammation, congestion, coughs, and colds.  

Allermed - an awesome first response for unknown allergies be it food, plants, clothing, chemicals, inspect bites or stings! 

Organic Insect Repellent - this one is a no brainer. What is worth thinking about however, is choosing a repellent that has no hidden nasties in the ingredients list. The Tui Balms Bug Spray is a great option and the one that Deb has packed. 

Echinacea - the most natural first response you can have for a sore throat and immune support.  

Lavender Essential Oil - great to sooth bites and of course smells wonderful.  

Happy Summer adventures :)