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Our top five hacks for a zero waste summer.

Winter was long and we’re all ready to be outside, but let’s do so in a way that’s respectful to mother nature. 

Here are our top five hacks to help you on your way to a waste free summer! 

Pack. Your. Drink. Bottle. 

Store them away in your car, beach bag and surf bag, for all of us know the annoying, devastating feeling when you reach for your trusty eco-friendly, BPA free non toxic drink bottle aaaaand you’ve forgotten it. Now you're faced with the choice of getting thangry (thirst-angry) or buying a cheap nasty plastic bottle of water.  

Slip, Slop and (gently) Slap that zero-waste chemical free sunscreen on.

We have an awesome journal post on sunscreen up on the blog, outlining the things to look for and to avoid when buying your next tube of block. 

Thrifting Hair-ties.

We were inspired by the awesome Ethically Kate who should get an award for thrifting (another word for scavenging off the ground) hair ties. Some people might knit their brows at this one but we think it’s brilliant. Keep an eye out on the footpath, beach and grass for forgotten hair ties. Pick them up, take them home, give them a (good) wash and then by the magic and power of the washing machine ownership is now yours and you don’t have to waste money always buying plastic wrapped hair ties. Recycle and reuse those lost hair ties for zero-waste summer ponytails.

Picnic Baskets.

Pick up one of those old school wicker picnic basket from a second hand store for your summer picnics. The ones that come with four sets of cutlery, four mugs, four plates. That way you save on single use utensils and plates.

Home-Harvest Tea.

The awesome thing about summer? The gardens and herbs are in abundance. It is beyond easy to whip up your own herb tea. Calendula and parsley? How about mint and honey. Although a lot of teabags are now ‘compostable’ statistics show most people don’t check this and either put all types of teabags into their compost or none at all. A quick way to remedy this is to make your own tea with fresh herbs, or to shop from our extensive loose tea range in-store.