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The powerhouse benefits of cacao
Cacao! Whether you're the ceremonial soul seeker, the health enthusiast, the creative chief, or the conscious consumer, Cacao is more pretty darn interesting than ever before!  

This month, we had an epic in-store evening with Dr. Corin Storkey from Seleno Health, diving deep into the heart of cacao.  

For those who missed it, here are four quick-fire Q&A questions with the incredibly knowledgeable Corin:

Why is Cacao called a superfood?

Cacao is a superfood as it contains so much goodness in such a small serving size. It is rich in minerals like magnesium, zinc and iron, full of good fats, protein and essential amino acids. It has brain enhancing properties and is an incredible antioxidant with only 6 beans of cacao offering the same protective properties a 2 whole cups of blueberries on our brain and heart.  It can boost vitality, reduce stress, enhance our mood and also help the body fight oxidative stress. Studies have shown that it can reduce our risk for heart attacks, neurodegeneration and support healthy vascular function. It is more than just a superfood it is also a potent therapeutic, an indigenous plant medicine and sacred spiritual master plant. 

Can you tell us a bit about how cacao can help with low mood and anxiety?

Cacao is a natural mood lifter and anxiety reducer. Packed with flavonoids and theobromine, it boosts cognitive function without caffeine's side effects. Its cannabinoids promote relaxation and harmony, while increasing serotonin and dopamine levels for joy and connection. Different varieties cater to specific needs, like Amaru for morning energy and Uturunku for afternoon calmness.  

What is your favourite way to have cacao?

For Amaru, I love to shave it with a sharp knife and add 2-3 tablespoons to some warmed up oat or soy milk (1 cup) then blend it in a nutribullet with some coconut sugar (1/2 tsp), vanilla (a few drops), cinnamon (a pinch). I add maca nibs to the top and drink it rich and creamy to support me with focus, balance, and energy for exercise or in the mornings. For Uturunku, I like it pure with hot water and no sweetener, I prefer to blend with a traditional cacao whisk (called molinillo) and take time in preparation to create a ceremony to consume it. I enjoy combining it with breathwork and mindfulness practice or meditation.

How has cacao changed your life?

When I met Sally my beautiful wife in Peru I had spent 8 years on antidepressants, and struggled many times to try and come off. Through her amazing indigenous knowledge and education about plant medicines like maca and cacao, which she fed me I found my mental health was transformed and was able to come off antidepressants, which I have now been free of for over 9 years. I have never felt better both mentally and physically, so I have so much respect and gratitude for the power of these plants. As a scientist who studies them now I have even more respect understanding their complex and powerful biochemical make-up and what they can offer my brain. It has been incredible to be able to study cacao and see the importance of working with ancestral varieties from Peru as they have unique properties. All the worlds cacao came from Peru and the cacao that we source from there today is by far the most medicinal I have ever seen. We are blessed to have access to this sacred medicine and to be able to provide it direct from the farm to consumers here in New Zealand. Supporting a sustainable, organic farm to table process that preserves a 7500 year tradition of farming at the spiritual home of cacao in the Amazon jungle. For those wanting to experience the power of cacao we offer online courses and immersive retreats now in Peru.

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