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Hero Supplier - Franziska from Villa Bumblebee

Meet Franziska from Villa Bumblebee; an infectiously kind and beautiful artisan baker whose love language is bread. Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are special days in-store for us, not only do we get a delivery of the freshest sourdough, but we get a happy hello and smile from the humble bread-maker herself.  

We recently noted down a few questions and sent them her way so that you too could get to know one of Down to Earth Organics favourite local suppliers.  

Tell us about your business Bumble Bee Bakery, how did it come about?   

I grew up in Germany and always loved the simplicity and versatility of traditionally made bread. When we started travelling as a family about 18 years ago, we took our love for good bread with us as part of our cultural heritage. I was always fascinated by the process of turning basic ingredients like water, flour and salt into something incredibly delicious. A crispy and fragrant loaf of bread is just irresistible and reignites within us the love story that humans and their daily bread have cultivated for thousands of years.  

Where did the slogan ‘bread with heart’ come from? 

At Bumblebee Bakery I bake bread that nourishes body and soul. It is my contribution to humanity, which is why it is made with heart, inside and out.  

If you could describe bumble bee bakery in one word or one sentence what would it be?  

Good food needs time! 

Why are organics important to you? 

Humans are part of nature and can only truly be well in a healthy environment. When we understand ourselves as guardians and co- creators on this planet and care for the land and its inhabitants, we all thrive. 

We hear you also brew kombucha? Could you describe to us what makes your kombucha extra special?  

Similarly to bread, kombucha is made from very simple ingredients, in this case tea, water and sugar. Through the process of fermentation these are turned into an incredibly delicious and healthy drink. After the first fermentation phase I bottle my kombucha with a piece of fruit or homemade cordial, which gives it its natural fruity flavour and a whole lot of natural fizz.  

Bumblebee Kombucha is unpasteurised and therefore fully alive and beneficial for our bodies. It’s also kind to our planet, as I have a well working bottle return system, that allows us to enjoy this drink in a waste free way.  

I not only love making Bumblebee Kombucha, it’s my favourite beverage in the world and I drink at least a bottle a day. 

How do you live and work sustainably and minimise environmental impact? 

I consider the environmental impact in every decision I make. My choices around water use, sourcing of ingredients, packaging, transport, energy use and cleaning products all reflect my love and gratitude towards Mother Earth. I am far from being perfect, but I can honestly say that I am doing my best. 

Do you ever dream up new bread or kombucha flavours or recipes? Care to share any with us?  

Bumblebee Bakery is surrounded by my lush productive garden and the change of seasons is a big inspiration for new creations. Currently I love using my very abundant rhubarb and locally grown strawberries to create my summer kombucha. Homegrown herbs like thyme and rosemary flavour my Focaccia and soon the cherry tomatoes will create the ultimate summer taste. 

What is your favourite summer recipe to pair with your beautiful bread?  

In my kitchen, I love to keep things simple. Give me some fresh bread with butter and cheese, topped up with a thick slice of home grown tomato, basil leaves and a good sprinkle of black pepper, and my taste buds are happy! 

What does wellness mean to you, how do you practice this, especially outside of work? 

As Bumblebee Bakery is a One Woman Show and I do every single bit in it, it is VERY important that I care well for myself. When making business decisions I always consider their impact on my health, and make my wellbeing a priority as much as I can.  

Over the years I have created a few routines that are good for me and keep me happy. Morning sea dips with The Dippers at East End Beach are currently my favourite, as they boost my endorphins and set me up for the day. 

What are you most looking forward to this summer? 

I love going boogie boarding with my kids. It brings out my silliness and playfulness, which are healthy ingredients for this sometimes a bit too serious German baker’s life.