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Meet the team - Helen Mullin

What is your role at Down To Earth Organics? 

Being one of the store's naturopaths, I'm usually found down the bottom of the store helping customers to select the right supplements to address their unique set of needs. I also help around the store with whichever task is calling our attention most urgently.

It’s never a dull day at Down to Earth Organics, there's always plenty to do.

What is Naturopathy? 

For me, Naturopathy is the science of bringing all the wonderful proven natural therapies together to help an individual to restore, repair and maintain health.  It works off the basis that given the right conditions the body will always attempt to heal itself.  Naturopathy is the art of finding the root cause that is disrupting the body's ability to maintain homeostasis (balance).

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up ? Do you think those interests translated into what you do now? 

I don’t think I really had any idea what I wanted to be. I always loved art and would often create personalised gifts for my friends and family and I still love to do that. I guess that translates into what I’m doing now as naturopathy, it's never just a one size fits all approach. Each person is unique and requires a personalised treatment and I definitely need to think creatively at times.

What are three things you are grateful for right now?  

My family, my dog (Indy) and my health.

What does wellness mean to you? Do you have any favourite daily rituals? 

Wellness means checking in with myself regularly and keeping a healthy balance of body mind and spirit. Obviously eating well and exercising is important but I try to make sure I’m feeding my soul as-well. I don't see much point stressing myself with strict diets and regimes.  I try to make sure I take time for myself at least once a week and this includes getting out in nature, breathing exercises and meditation.  I’m no Wim Hof but the one daily ritual I never miss is finishing off with a cold shower.  Oh and my mushroom coffee in the morning.

We hear you are mum to a gang of three boys (well four including your husband) can you tell us what wellness looks like for them?  

It’s all about food really. I try to get as much organic produce into them as possible. It hasn’t always been easy but as they have gotten older I can see them start to make good choices for themselves which makes it all worthwhile.  We spend lots of time together and I try to take an interest in everybody's hobbies. Lately they have been spending a lot of time fixing up cars and building a motorbike which is not exactly my expertise. Being involved with extended family and understanding their place of belonging plays a huge part in their overall wellness.

Outside of work what are you passionate about?

I still love art and being creative, a lot of this creativity has been channelled into renovating our house. I'm lucky enough to have one of those husbands that can make anything, if I can dream it he can build it. It's a great collaboration. My other passion is the vegetable garden. Nothing is as satisfying as counting up all the produce from your own garden that appears on your plate that night (my record is 10 so far).

Do you follow any regime when it comes to food and nutrition? 

Not really, as mentioned before I'm more about balance. I like to think of myself as metabolically flexible. So long as I've eaten pretty well all week, I know my body is adaptive enough to handle that piece of cake at the birthday party.  However, I do appreciate that for some people, special diets are necessary, especially in the short term when addressing a particular issue.

What are your top four supplements you wouldn’t go without? 

I love Nordic Naturals Complete Omega for healthy skin, mood and preventing any joint pain and inflammation.  I also always have some sort of a probiotic on the go, at the moment I am taking the Gutsi Probiotic which I love. Sometimes I take one of the Kefir Shots which are also super tasty. Vitamin D is a must as it's instrumental in keeping my immunity up, I use Be Pure Vitamin D with K2 and so do my boys.


What is your favourite product instore?  

Okay there are a couple. I love the Hand Woven Baskets from Ghana, the West Coast Stoneware Keep Cups from Raglan and the decadent brownie from She Universe.

Best part of working at DTE? 

The people, customers and staff. It's such an amazing place to work with great energy and conversation. I love that we are on a first name basis with so many of our customers, sometimes a work day can feel more like a good catch up with old friends.