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Oral health and how to keep it in check!

Did you know that oral health has been linked directly to heart, brain and sinus health?

Not to mention dental hygiene and bad breath… 

Here’s a list of ways to keep our oral health in check!

1. Eliminate soda - the easiest change is to increase water intake and limit sugary soda drinks. 

2. Tongue scraping – tongue scrapping is a great way of getting rid of some unwanted bacteria and build up and has been said to help prevent bad breath. We stock the Caliwoods Tongue Cleaner

3. Stay clear of commercial mouthwash - most commercial mouth washes contain hard ingredients that do more harm than good, due to being too acidic and can lead to tooth sensitivity and bad breath.  Also, sodium lauryl sulphate is another one to watch out for in toothpaste as it has been said to cause sensitivity and irritation in the mouth. 

4. Gut health - gut health is also hugely important. Eating whole foods and  reducing processed food, along with excess alcohol, is a good start.

5. Chewing gum - occasionally chewing gum can also help prevent bad breath and cavities by increasing saliva production, but make sure it is free from sugar, nasty artificial flavours and enhancers like aspartame and phenylalanine. We reccomend the Spry Natural Fruit Gum, or if chewing gum isn't your thing, we also stock the Zing Fresh Breath Drops

6. Oral probiotics - taking oral probiotics to help focus on the first line of defence against nasty oral invaders is also a great idea. 

Scientific evidence shows that taking  oral  probiotics can help to: 

Prevent actions on plaque-producing bacteria.

Fight the bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath. 

Reduce symptoms of gum disease (gingervitis) and reduce associated swelling and tenderness 

Enhance immunity by colonising your mouth with "good bacteria" to fight the invaders 

    That is why we have introduced Zestt Wellness Oral Lozenges to the mix at Down to Earth. They contain an ingredient called Blis K12 and Blis M18 which are oral probiotics that help to support the growth of the "good" bacteria, known as Streptococcus Salivarius. These good bacteria, push out the bad guys and inhibit their growth. 

    We have 2 different lozenges available in-store and online, Exhale Immunity and Lung Health, and Defend Periodontal Oral Health Lozenge. 

    Here's a bit about them:

    Exhale Immunity and Lung Health  LozengesFocused on supporting the lungs to help reduce inflammation, phlegm and coughing and works to boosts the immune system. Along with Blis K12 (oral antibiotic), each lozenge is jam packed with bioactives, such as boysenberry, blackcurrant, quercetin, zinc and NZ Rātā honey. Working not only to improve immunity but by reducing inflammation can also help to clear sinuses and reduce allergies. 

    Defend Periodontal  Oral  Health  Lozenge - are the first and last word in good oral hygiene.  Take Defend daily, to reduce tooth-decay, enhance gum health and minimize bad breath. Containing, gold kiwifruit which contains calcium, which is a dental super mineral, they are also a great source of dietary fibre and packed with Vit C, also with New Zealand Rātā honey. 

    You can purchase any of these products online or instore - if you have any further questions around Oral Health pop in store and chat to our welcoming team, we are more than happy to point you in the right direction.