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Lady Dippers x Down to Earth Organics Winter Immunity Wellness

If you happened to wander past our bustling organics store on the corner of Devon and Morley last Saturday, you would have seen a group of women fresh from a blissfully cold ocean dip, mixing their laughter with the practiced wisdoms of two of our wellness advocates, Homeopath Lisa Hutton and Naturopath Deb Schrider. 

Last weekend we hosted thirty women from the Lady Dippers for an in-store wellness event. This all came about a few months prior when some-what frequent dipper and co owner of Down to Earth Lee, began chatting with long time dipper, Fiona Ross. The conversation centred around winter immunity and gifting others the trusted knowledge and practices that have seen them both through many a chilly month. 

This simple conversation and idea came to fruition in the form of a small and intimate gathering centring around teachings from two of Down To Earth's knowledgeable practitioners. 

Deb excitedly spoke about the basics of building a robust immune system and Lisa prepared an epic and encouraging talk on common remedies for winter aliments supported by homeopathy.

Hearing them talk was like the medicine cabinet equivalent of a chocolate store.  

The wonderful Deb and Lisa then shared their recommended winter products. Immune Boost, Digestive Enzymes, Cod-Liver, Exhale Lozenges and Vitamin C, and a funnily shaped loofa whose textured handle enticed laughter from many, after a puzzled exclamation of ‘what does that bit exfoliate’.  

Guests were well nourished throughout the event sampling both the divine thyme and lemon tonic from Artemis and the gut loving Kefir from Wild Fermentary, paired with a beautiful platter of cacao peppermint and raspberry coconut bliss balls from Theory Foods, and a selection of fresh organic fruit and nuts.  

Goodies bags were packed, wisdom was shared, spot prizes given out and above all encouragement was given. Encouragement to nurture, listen and nourish our bodies in preparation for those seasons in which wellness both physically and mentally is more than ever important to foster and remedy.  

At Down to Earth Organics we are passionate about cultivating a space in which we can share honest and helpful information.  

If you have a group, business or team who would be interested in a bespoke wellness event with us please enquire at we would love to hear from you. 

Lastly, a handful of genuine thank-you’s to the generous brand partners. The attendees were sent home with a handful of tasty and healing samples from our amazing friends at Mitchells, Proper Crisps, Wild Fermentary, Harker Herbals, Kiwi Herb, Bennetto, Chantal, Natures Sunshine, Nordic NaturalGutsi, Artemis, Naturopharm, Chief Collagen, Zesti and Pukka Tea.